Welcome to my web page. I'm Daniel Fentham a PhD student studying in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on adversarial attacks on Deep Neural Networks, which essentially means I try to make AI systems behave in strange ways for no (obvious) reason to us lowly humans.

Thesis title: Bayesian Geometric Deep Learning for Cyber Security. The particulars of my thesis proposal can be found here.

My supervisors are Professor Mark Ryan and Professor Dave Parker!

I also have the help of Professor Flavio Garcia and Dr Hyung Jin Chang who have kindly agreed to be a part of my thesis group.


Thesis Proposal

My thesis proposal is now available online. It has been accepted by the school, so I guess I have to try and carry it out! Read it here.


This is a section which displays updates. The website existing is a pretty big update, so I suppose this should be the first one!